Glamour Chihuahuas - Beautifully Glamorous Chihuahua Furbabies
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Glamour Chihuahuas | Beautifully Glamorous Chihuahuas & Puppies

Welcome to the all new Glamour Chihuahuas website/app, we are hobby breeders of our pedigree pet Chihuahuas. We fell in love with the adorable features of the breed and as such would like to share this passion through their very own website.

Our aim is to help to maintain the Chihuahua, through protection from crossing to other breeds (so you will not find any designer cross-breeds here) and through the use of dogs conforming closely to the breed standard.

The Glamour Chihuahuas website and app are are the main hub for all of our
Chihuahua information as you simply cannot depict all of this in a coherent manner on social media.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please use our contact us page to get in touch.

Please enjoy our dogs as we do xWoofx

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