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Buying a KC Registered Dog - 18 December 2020

The purchase of a new dog is usually a pain free experience, especially when all the required Kennel Club registration documentation is in order.

It is very important when you buy a KC registered dog that you obtain the 'Owner Registration Certificate' from the seller at the time of purchase, do not allow them to post this to you as it may never arrive, it is also very important that the seller signs and dates the form in the 'TO BE COMPLETED BY PREVIOUS OWNERS' section, to prevent problems with the registration further down the line.

The owner registration certificate contains both the registration number for the dog and the unique ownership code, without which you will be unable to easily transfer the dog into your ownership through the Kennel Club.

You should also where possible get a copy of the contract of sale form the seller which should outline the KC registered status of the dog you are buying and any endorsements that may be applicable to the dog.

We had very serious problems when we bought our first KC registered dog in getting her transferred to us, as the breeder withheld her transfer documentation without our knowledge and were later trying to extort money from us in order to give it to us. We were lucky in that we had a receipt from the breeder stipulating that the dog was sold as KC registered and that she had no contractual obligations to the breeder. Even so the whole process took two years to come to a satisfactory conclusion, please don't make the same mistake.

If in doubt regarding a KC registered dog that you may be purchasing, you can always check the registration number of the dog on the Kennel Club website or contact them via phone.

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