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Scammers Passing Dogs Off As Glamour Chihuahuas - 28 December 2020

BEWARE: there has been a recent spate of Chihuahuas for sale on various pet rehoming and advertising sites claiming to be from us (Glamour Chihuahuas).

These dogs are extremely cheap, have no inoculations, microchip, their breeder name (specified by us for all of our dogs) does not correspond to the right dogs, their date of birth does not match the correct litter, and their pedigree certificates have been falsified.

When we rehome any Chihuahua, it has had microchip (as that is the law) and inoculations, the new owner is supplied with chip transfer documentation, vet record, pedigree and KC Paperwork (if they have opted for this), the micro chip number is added to all documentation tying it all together... we also have documentation of every dog we have ever had so it is no problem for us to trace them.

Please, if you are in any doubt about details of a Chihuahua that is listed as one of ours don't hesitate to contact us prior to purchase, so we can either confirm it's legitimacy giving you piece of mind that the dog is the actual one described on paper or get a spurious advert removed or updated to reflect it's actual origin.

For example, the girl listed on the article image was sold with one of our breeder names yes, but the name corresponds to a white long coat boy obviously not the dog pictured, and date of birth corresponds to our own pet dog who is called dolly... we kept all of the dogs from this litter, and all things considered if it were one of our pedigree dogs, for £300 we would buy it back ourselves ;)

We do not advertise any of our dogs for sale on any social media sites, we only post pictures and profiles there, we only advertise on reputable rehoming sites (if we are rehoming a pet), and we will only use our Glamour Chihuahuas accounts, we do not use other people or third parties to facilitate the rehoming of any of our dogs.

Feel free to use the link below to contact us if you have any queries xWoofx

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