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New Glamour Chihuahuas Website - 28 December 2020

We know... it has been a very long time since we have updated the website, but this has been due to the fact that we have been working tirelessly on a completely new website and a set of apps for mobile phones and devices. The new website will allow us to keep you up to date like never before, it will be faster, more efficient and more secure.

Along with the new website/app we will be moving to our new domain, and we will be securing the traffic with an ssl certificate. In hind sight we should have bought in the very beginning, had we realised it would have been used by scammers to create a false Glamour Chihuahuas website and use it to advertise all kinds of dogs that didn't even exist (but that's another story).

The old website will still be up and running while we complete the new one, but once complete the old website will simply be forwarded here.

Thank you for using our website and we hope you continue to enjoy our Chihuahua pupdates, picutes and video xWoofx

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